The 2023 Clay Reynolds Novella Prize

Winner Receives $500 ADVANCE + PUBLICATION

Established in 2001, The Clay Reynolds Novella Prize highlights one book a year that excels in the novella format.

Submissions open each year on January 1 and close on March 31.

General Guidelines

  • A fee of $20 must be paid at the time of submission.
  • Open to anyone writing in English. Translations are not eligible.
  • Excerpts may have been published individually in magazines or anthologies, but the work as a whole must be unpublished.
  • Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, please notify TRP immediately by withdrawing the manuscript via Submittable if the manuscript is accepted elsewhere.
  • Current and former students and faculty of Sam Houston State University are not eligible. Family and current or former students* of the final judge are not eligible.
  • Submissions are accepted through Submittable only.
  • Winner will receive a $500 advance, a standard royalty contract, and 20 copies of the published book.

*Writers who studied with the final judge for a semester-length period are not eligible. Writers who studied with the final judge for two-week residencies, single workshops, or other instances less than a semester in length are eligible, provided the work submitted is previously unseen by the final judge.

Manuscript Guidelines

  • Novella manuscripts should have a total word count of between 20,000 and 50,000 words.
  • Please include a table of contents (if applicable), title page, and page numbers.
  • Please double-space and use a 12pt. font.
  • Do not include an acknowledgments page.
  • Submissions are judged on an anonymous basis. Please remove any identifying information from the manuscript.
  • Submit as a .pdf, .docx, or .doc file format.
  • No revisions will be accepted once the manuscript is uploaded.

Recent Winners


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