Happy Pub Day to Transmission, by J. E. Sumerau

Transmission by J. E. Sumerau is out now!

Mark Your Calendars! (June)

See what TRP has coming up in June!

eBook Release: Coda: Last Poems, by Karl Shapiro (15th Anniversary Edition)

Now available in ebook! Coda: Last Poems (15th Anniversary Edition) by Karl Shapiro

Happy Pub Day to Recovery, by J. L. Conrad

Recovery by J. L. Conrad is available now!

eBook Release: Rivers Last Longer, by Richard Burgin

Now available in ebook! Rivers Last Longer by Richard Burgin

eBook Release: Landlock X, by Sarah Audsley

Now available in ebook! Landlock X by Sarah Audsley!

Happy Pub Day to South to South: Writing South Asia in the American South, edited by Khem K. Aryal

South to South, edited by Khem K. Aryal, is out now!

eBook Release: Some Dark Fire

Now available in ebook! Some Dark Fire, by Michael Lieberman

eBook Release: Don’t Make Me Do Something We’ll Both Regret, by Tim Jones-Yelvington

Now available in ebook! Don’t Make Me Do Something We’ll Both Regret by Tim Jones-Yelvington

eBook Release: Southern Poetry Anthology Vol. IX: Virginia

Now available in ebook! Southern Poetry Anthology Volume IX: Virginia, edited by William Wright, J. Bruce Fuller, Amy Wright, Jesse Graves