New Audiobook: The Licorice Daughter, by Lyn Lifshin

The Licorice Daughter: My Year with Ruffian. Poems. By Lyn Lifshin. Narrated by Bonnie Trost. Click to purchase.

Patterson Prize winner LYN LIFSHIN is the author of over 140 books, including the equine books, The Licorice Daughter: My Year with Ruffian, Secretariat: The Red Freak, The Miracle, and Barbaro: Beyond Brokenness.

A deeply emotional collection of poems that highlights the filly behind the legend of The Licorice Daughter, Ruffian. With tender care, Lifshin takes her readers through the too-short life of a racing wonder. Beginning before Ruffian’s birth, this collection outlines the anticipation of Ruffian’s greatness. With a grand focus on the days before her fame, from the quiet beauty of the April night of her birth to the brutal separation of the foals from their mares six months after, Lifshin highlights the potential that could be seen in Ruffian’s early days. From the relationships the filly formed with her trainer—Frank Whitely, to her grooms, jockeys, owners, and her devoted fans, this collection brings to life the early days of a racing legend. With excruciating care the last moments of Ruffian’s short life are laid bare before the reader, as the myth is born in the hours before her death.

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