Mark Your Calendars! (June)

See what TRP has coming up in June!

New Release: Jeffrey R. Di Leo, Selling the Humanities

Selling the Humanities by Jeffrey R. Di Leo is now available for preorder!

Announcing the TRP Fall 2023 Season

Fall 2023 new poetry, fiction, and nonfiction available for preorder now. See what’s coming out this season!

Happy Pub Day to South to South: Writing South Asia in the American South, edited by Khem K. Aryal

South to South, edited by Khem K. Aryal, is out now!

Audiobook Release: My Mother’s House, by David Armand

Narrated by William Mark Hyde, MY MOTHER’S HOUSE, by David Armand is now available in audiobook.

Mark Your Calendars! (April)

See what TRP has coming up this April!

eBook Release: Texas Reporter, Texas Radical, by Dick J. Reavis, Collected and Introduced by Michael Demson

Now available in ebook! Texas Reporter, Texas Radical, by Dick J. Reavis, compiled and introduced by Michael Demson

New Release: Elizabeth Gonzalez James, Five Conversations About Peter Sellers

Five Conversations About Peter Sellers is an essay that begins as an exploration of the author’s burgeoning obsession with Peter Sellers.

Fluffing the Concrete eBook Release

Now available in ebook! Fluffing the Concrete, by Mack Dryden.

The (Too) Busy Writer

A common image of the writer is one where they sit with their laptop in an oversized, comfy chair, in front of a large picture window—with or without a sheer, gauzy window dressing of some kind, but either way, allowing entry for cheerful sunlight—a cup of steaming something, coffee, tea, on a small table beside them.