Mark Your Calendars! (May)

See what TRP has coming up this May!

October Tour: Jennifer Sperry Steinorth

Jennifer Sperry Steinorth goes on a book tour this October in the Houston and San Antonio area!

eBook Release: Pictures of the Shark, by Thomas H. McNeely

Pictures of the Shark, by Thomas H. McNeely is now out as an e-book!

Book Tour: Pictures of the Shark

Thomas H. McNeely goes on tour with his newly-launched novel-in-stories, Pictures of the Shark!

TRP Q&A: An Interview with Theodora Ziolkowski

“The idea of not having a book on me alarms me. I keep an ’emergency book’ in my car because the possibility of ever being expected to wait without a book—or, worse case scenario, unexpectedly stranded somewhere—disturbs me deeply.”