TRP December Roundup

December Releases

eBook Releases

Myths of Electricity, by Kevin Meaux

Contests and Submissions

Congratulations to The 2022 X. J. Kennedy Poetry Prize winner! Final judge Kimiho Hahn has selected Ghost :: Seeds, by Sebastian Merrill as this year’s winner. Ghost :: Seeds will be released Fall 2023.

Congratulations to The 2022 George Garrett Fiction Prize winner! Final judge Vi Khi Nao has selected Churn, by Chloe Chun Seim as this year’s winner. Churn will be released Fall 2023.

The TRP Southern Poetry Breakthrough Series: South Carolina is open for submissions December 1st through February 28th. Open to any poet born or living in South Carolina who has not published a full-length poetry collection.


Tender the River, by Matt W. Miller, is a Poetry Finalist in the 2022 IPNE Book Awards.


Imagine a Death, by Janice Lee, reviewed by Vidhu Aggarwal in The Georgia Review.

When I read Janice Lee’s novel Imagine a Death and Brenda Iijima’s book of poems Bionic Communality, I am awkward. I grope. I fidget. I wonder how to move. I must grow new limbs, new tails…

Vidhu Aggarwal, “Flailing in the Cracks (on Janice Lee’s Imagine a Death and Brenda Iijima’s Bionic Communality)

Interviews and More

Cat’s Tongue by Kathleen Winter, Flare Stacks in Full Bloom by Katherine Hoerth, Where Are the Snows by Kathleen Rooney, As the Den Burns by Forrest Rapier, and Barbaro, Secretariat, and The Licorice Daughter by Lyn Lifshin featured in CLMP’s Poetry of 2022.

Palindrome by Elizabeth Genovise, Don’t Make Me Do Something We’ll Both Regret, by Tim Jones-Yelvington, and A Good Girl and How We Came to Be by Johnnie Bernhard featured in CLMP’s Fiction of 2022.

Catastrophe, by Deirdre Danklin, featured in “Carousel Recommends.”

New from TRP Authors

Elisabeth Murawski, author of Still Life with Timex, published the poem “Uvalde” in Iron Horse’s IHLR 2022 PhotoFinish.

Luke Hankins, author of Testament, launched LitNotice, a submission opportunity reminder service for writers ($5/month subscription).

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