TRP November Roundup

November Releases

Tender the River, The Signature Series, by Matt W. Miller

A Wake with Nine Shades, The Signature Series, by Jennifer Sperry Steinorth

The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume IX: Virginia
edited by William Wright, J. Bruce Fuller, Jesse Graves, and Amy Wright.


Jesse Graves, author of Tennessee Landscape with Blighted Pine, honored as Featured Author at The Emory & Henry College 40th Annual Appalachian Literary Festival.

Sarah Audsley, author of Landlock X, awarded the The New England Poetry Club Grant.


Where Are the Snows, by Kathleen Rooney, reviewed by Charles Rammelkamp in The Lake.

“Kathleen Rooney’s collection of “whatchamacallits” is a true delight to read, funny, expressive, rhythmic, informative, opinionated, erudite and subtle.   As Groucho once said, “The secret of life is honest and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” Kathleen Rooney blends the deadly serious with the artistically ironic to give Where Are the Snows a playful urgency.”

Charles Rammelkamp, The Lake

Catastrophe, by Deirdre Danklin, reviewed in CAROUSAL Magazine. Reviewed by Kate Finegan.

Catastrophe is a highly moving elegy to what endures in the face of disasters — disasters that range from simply growing up to fleeing human-made environmental devastation. Who hears our hearts? Who gives us light? This novella shows that these gifts of human connection can endure, even if the world falls apart.

Kate Finegan, CAROUSAL

Selena Didn’t Know Spanish Either, by Marisa Tirado, reviewed by Amy Bobeda in Full Stop.

“In this chronicle of uprooting, discovery, and practice of her Spanish tongue, we witness the bravery one must stumble through to reclaim oneself in a threatening culture preoccupied with borders, grammars, and teaching the English tongue. I can’t think of a better poetry collection offering comfort, hope, heartache, and outrage for the last to know or the last to learn their ancestral tongue.”

Amy Bobeda, Full Stop

Interviews and More

Sarah Audsley, author of Landlock X:

  • Landlock X is the #1 New Release in Asian American Poetry on Amazon (as of 11/24).

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Kathleen Rooney, author of Where Are the Snows:

“Whatever else it is—and it can be a lot of things—I like for poetry to be entertaining. Above all else, I want this book to be fun. I want people to get their money’s worth. The opening is me dressing up and taking the stage, like Welcome to the show! Even if you don’t like or understand everything you’re about to see, I hope you’re glad you came.

Kathleen Rooney, Rain Taxi

New from TRP Authors

Andrew Hemmert, author of Sawgrass Sky, released his new collection Blessing the Exoskeleton.

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Jenny Shank, author of Mixed Company, reviewed Ryan Lee Wong’s Which Side are You On for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

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