TRP October Roundup

New Releases

Palindrome, by Elizabeth Genovise

Texas Reporter, Texas Radical, by Dick J. Reavis, compiled and introduced by Michael Demson


Palindrome, by Elizabeth Genovise, reviewed in the Southern Review of Books by Don J. Rath.

Where Are the Snows, by Kathleen Rooney:

Interviews and More

Jenny Shank, author of Mixed Company:

Kathleen Rooney, author of Where Are the Snows:

  • Interviewed by Robert Puccinelli for LitHub.

We live in a system that emphasizes competition and scarcity and so many people accept it because it’s been normalized as the quote-unquote “natural” way of doing things. And it’s just as constructed and chosen as any other, so it could be equally natural to say No, things are abundant. There’s enough for everyone and we’re going to start acting that way.

Kathleen Rooney, LitHub

Dick J. Reavis, author of Texas Reporter, Texas Radical, interviewed on Rag Radio – KOOP Radio 91.7 FM.

Sarah Kain Gutowski, author of Fabulous Beast:

  • 2022 artist-in-residence at Stiwdio Maelor in Wales.

New from TRP Authors

Deirdre Danklin, author of Catastrophe, released her new flash fiction collection, How to Start a Coven.

Garret Keizer, author of The World Pushes Back:

  • Published “Banging Out the Pipe,” “Those Little Funny Men,” and “A Young Policeman.” in THINK Journal, Summer/Fall 2022 issue.
  • Published the poem “Removal” in Cumberland River Review.
  • Published the poem “The Quiet Time” in The Hudson Review, Autumn 2022.

Jesse Graves, author of Tennessee Landscape with Blighted Pine, reviewed Darius Stewart’s first book-length collection of poems, Intimacies In Borrowed Light. Published by EastOver Press.

Jenny Shank, author of Mixed Company, reviewed Elizabeth McCracken’s The Hero of This Book for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

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