The Death of Bonnie and Clyde eBook Release

MICHAEL GILLS grew up in Arkansas.  His first collection of stories, Why I Lie, was chosen as a top literary debut of 2002, and was a finalist for Arkansas’ Porter Prize.  His first novel, Go Love, is forthcoming from Raw Dog Screaming Press.  Gills is currently Associate Professor/Lecturer of Writing at the University of Utah.

Now available in eBook!

“The Death of Bonnie and Clyde” and Other Stories follows the trail of its wayward characters down the Delta back roads, crossing paths with Hernando DeSoto–hands bloodied by the Indian slaughters–hitchhikers and thieves, UFO’s, concrete finishers, naked fishermen, a lusty cheer squad caught and confessing in the midst of a killer tornado, and trash telescope salesmen on the day after Christmas–all saintly guardians of the human heart. From the Florida Coast up through the Carolinas and over to Arkansas’ Ozarks, Bonnie and Clyde blazes a trail of love and deceit, hard liquor and the revelation of what it’s like to be free and wild and in love on this earth.

“It doesn’t matter if Michael Gills’s hellbent and dream-filled characters populate the backwoods of Arkansas or the wide-open shorelines of North Carolina—each one shows more soul than a wagonload of do-gooders. This handful of great stories displays what all good country songs prove. People stuck Here want to be Elsewhere, and people Elsewhere want to be Home. The Death of Bonnie and Clyde is one beautiful ring with eleven separate, perfect gemstones displayed.”

George Singleton

“This beautiful book of stories is more constellation than collection: it radiates like a great old myth, and carries us along with a novel’s momentum and a lyrical, sensual voice. Michael Gills’s young lovers build their fragile new lives in the shadow of old family violence and the fleeting beauty of an ever-surprising Southern landscape.”

Marjorie Sandor

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