Fluffing the Concrete eBook Release

Before performing stand-up comedy on The Tonight Show and writing on the staff of Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, MACK DRYDEN survived on “goat butt soup” in a Moroccan jail, not knowing if he’d ever be released. He lived not only to tell the tale, but—amazingly—to inspire, instruct, and make us laugh out loud about it as well. Dryden currently lives in California with his wife and children.

Now available in eBook!

“One would think that being thrown into a North African prison in leg-irons might be an exception to the adage that comedians can find the humor in anything. One would be wrong. Fluffing the Concrete is a fascinating, harrowing, and hilarious look behind the impenetrable walls of a foreign prison, and into the mind of one of the funniest humorists and compelling motivational speakers working today.”

Paul Ruffin

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