TRP August Roundup

August Releases

Don’t Make Me Do Something We’ll Both Regret, by Tim Jones-Yelvington

As the Den Burns, by Forrest Rapier

Flare Stacks in Full Bloom, by Katherine Hoerth

Ebook Releases

Fluffing the Concrete, by Mack Dryden

The Death of Bonnie & Clyde, by Michael Gills

Enter Water, Swimmer, by Marry Morris


The X. J. Kennedy Poetry Prize and The George Garrett Fiction Prize was open for subs July 1 to September 30, 2022. [Currently Closed]



Don’t Make Me Do Something We’ll Both Regret, by Tim Jones-Yelvington reviewed by Patrick T. Reardon in Third Coast Review.

“[D]ark and sparkling… a celebration of all that it means to be a gay male in these United States of America.”

Patrick T. Reardon, Third Coast Review

Where Are the Snows, by Kathleen Rooney reviewed by Caitlin Archer-Helke in Third Coast Review, by José Olivarez in Chicago magazine, and by Max Winter in the Star Tribune.

“… darkly funny and tenderly beautiful and often downright haunting…”

Caitlyn Archer-Helke, Third Coast Review

“…like walking into an echo chamber from which you emerge enlightened, amused, and shaken.”

Max Winter, Star Tribune

Pictures of the Shark, by Thomas H. McNeely reviewed by Gus O’Connor in Full Stop.

“Character revealed… in the smallest of details, scattered through the prose like dew on the tips of grass.”

Gus O’Connor, Full Stop

Interviews and More

Caridad Moro-Gronlier, author of Tortillera, featured on Perugia Press’s Emerging BIWOC Poet Spotlight.

Marisa Tirado, author of Selena Didn’t Know Spanish Either, interviewed by Ae Hee for Woodland Pattern Book Center.

“If your book title was in the form of a question, what would it be?”

Ae Hee, Woodland Pattern Book Center

Kathleen Rooney, author of Where Are the Snows: Featured on Zeringue Marshal’s Campaign for the American Reader. Interviewed by Patrick Parks in Southeast Review and by José Olivarez in Chicago magazine,

“I wrote each poem by thinking of a specific topic (superpowers, snow, hope, childhood, etc.) and trying to offer statements and interpretations on that topic from a variety of angles, letting my mind ricochet around like a pinball inside a pinball machine.”

Kathleen Rooney, Southeast Review

“Poetry can be a lot of things, but one of the things it can be is outwardly directed introspection.”

Kathleen Rooney, Chicago magazine

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