Ephemera eBook Release

EVANA BODIKER studied English literature and poetry writing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her poems have been awarded the Anthony Abbott Prize and recognized in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

Now available in eBook!

In Ephemera, winged creatures elegize and celebrate the beauty of evanescence simultaneously. The poems speak to the ambivalence of coming of age beset by the daily trials of chronic illness as viewed through the lens of femininity and love in the confessional tradition.

“Evana Bodiker is a wonderfully alert poet, paying inventive attention to the world around and within her. These twenty-two appreciations of the ephemeral are very durably made, brimming with berbal delights: ‘My method is / savoring,’ as she says. Though her poems deal with challenging subjects—our all-too-mortal bodies, our families and loved ones, the incidental perils of our lives—they make their way to hard-won joy. Ephemera is a fine debut.”

Michael McFee, author of The Smallest Talk

“Throughout Ephemera, Evana Bodiker delves into questions of hunger and desire in many forms. The tenderness in this collection is never without edge, the passion never without risk. Finely crafted and full of entrancing intimacy, these poems are both haunting and nourishing, like stepping into the ‘newly elongated evening light.’”

Chloe Honum, author of The Tulip-Flame

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