Cat’s Tongue eBook Release

KATHLEEN WINTER’s poetry collections include: Transformer (The Word Works 2020); I will not kick my friends (Elixir 2018); and Nostalgia for the Criminal Past (Elixir 2012). She was granted the Texas Institute of Letters’ Ralph Johnston Fellowship and Bob Bush Memorial Award, the Elixir Prize, the Antivenom Prize, and Poetry Society of America’s The Writer Magazine/Emily Dickinson Award. Her poems and short fiction appear in The New Republic, New Statesman, Agni, Cincinnati Review, Colorado Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, Gulf Coast, Five Points and Poetry London. She was awarded fellowships at Sewanee Writers’ Conference, Dora Maar House and James Merrill House.

Now available in eBook!

“Expect the unexpected in Kathleen Winter’s Cat’s Tongue.”

Lone Star Literary Life

“In Kathleen Winter’s new collection, Cat’s Tongue, memory is a thing to encounter untamed, to be rediscovered and confronted before it’s lost again. These poems ‘go backwards / in experience, subtracting yes from yes’ as they unearth secrets and regrets and yearnings, as they reckon the past with the present. Through the glint and gloom of memory, these poems portray the self in all its strength and grief, all with Winter’s trademark keenness and lyrical grace.”

W. Todd Kaneko, author of This Is How the Bone Sings

“Winter’s wildly gorgeous and moving chapbook, Cat’s Tongue, confronts the horrors and joys of youth and aging with both sass and humility. Winter’s deft craft pairs with her wide-ranging aesthetics to make poems that manage to surprise on every page. They are little revelations with rough tongues ready to love their readers raw.”

John A. Nieves, author of Curio

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