New Audiobook: Leaving the Country of Sin, by Ron Rozelle

Original book cover by Lisa Tremaine. Audiobook cover by Miranda Ramírez

Leaving the Country of Sin now available on Audible, Amazon, Apple Books, and digitally where audiobooks are sold.

A tale of intrigue and suspense sent in Galveston, where a retired Army special forces operative struggles with the things he had to do during his service. Then he is unexpectedly recruited to carry out one more mission, plunging him into a battle between his conscience and his patriotism.

RON ROZELLE is the author of ten books, among them Into That Good Night, a memoir, and The Windows of Heaven, a novel of the 1900 Galveston storm. He is the recipient of the Katherine Munson Foster Memorial Award, a national short list finalist for the P.E.N. Prize, and is a member of the Texas Institute of Letters.

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