New Release: Karla K. Morton, Politics of the Minotaur

Politics of the Minotaur: Poems
Karla K. Morton

Available here

There are moments in this life that change everything—some in our control, some not, but all shape the core of who we are; who we become. Every action, every event, has its own reaction that rearranges the stars, putting the sisters of Fate and Choice in constant question. This collection embraces those changes, opens them up, rolls them into the delicious magic of this unpredictable, glorious world.

A long observer of the natural world, Karla K. Morton does not believe in coincidences, but believes every word and step and observation has meaning and guides us. Just as the creation of the Minotaur was the gods’ doing, there is beauty in the monster; there is reason and magic in its very existence. How lucky we are to be able to grow old enough to witness such revelations.

“These poems are testament to the wonder that is Karla Morton. Each line is carefully molded, sublime in execution. You’ll lose your heart reading these superb verses, but don’t worry. You’ll discover it again in her exquisitely chosen words. It will come back to you bigger and better than it ever was. In other words, you’ll be moved beyond belief. Karla Morton is a jewel. We’re lucky to have her.”

—W.K. Stratton, author of Ranchero Ford/Dying in Red Dirty Country and Chasing the Rodeo

Karla K. Morton, 2010 Texas Poet Laureate, is a Betsy Colquitt Award Winner, twice an Indie National Book Award Winner, North Texas Book Festival Award Winner, Green Book Award Winner and E2C Grant recipient. She is the author of thirteen collections and her poems have been published in such poetry journals as Alaska Quarterly Review, Comstock Review, Southword Literary Journal, American Life in Poetry: The Poetry Foundation, Boulevard, Lascaux Review, New Ohio Review, REAL: Regarding Arts and Letters, Southwestern American Literature, Borderlands: Texas Poetry in Review, and she is editor of TCU Press’ Selected Works of Walt McDonald. A traveling poetry ambassador to schools, colleges and universities across the US, she has just completed her Words of Preservation: a Poets Laureate National Parks Tour, visiting all 62 National Parks, writing poems and taking photos to celebrate the next 100 years—an historic, epic adventure. A percentage of sales from this book, titled The National Parks: A Century of Grace (TCU Press) go back to the National Parks System.

Available here

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