Clay Reynolds Novella Prize

Clay Reynolds Novella Prize

Submissions are closing soon for the 2017 Clay Reynolds Novella Prize.

Submissions officially close on Sunday, October 15th, so don’t delay in getting your manuscripts submitted.

Full submission guidelines are available on the Texas Review Press website, as well as the link to our Submittable. Entries MUST follow ALL guidelines or they WILL be disqualified.

The final judge of the competition will be Clay Reynolds himself, who leaves this little bit of advice to those looking to enter:

Those entries that succeed in this contest are typically those that do one thing: they tell a simple story well, without the garnish of fancy experimental styles or attempts to write abstractly rather than directly. The features our judges look for are great characterization, dialogue, accuracy and vividness of setting, consistency in point of view and technique, and, above all else, a well-written piece of fiction that is free of jargon, grammatical error, and stylistic nonsense. Grammar and mechanics errors will disqualify an entry faster than anything, so please take care in manuscript preparation and mechanical correctness. We are not interested in work that appears trendy or that tries too hard to be fashionable. We also shy away from work that imitates some other contemporary, popular writer. We look for honesty and directness in the writing. Be aware of the language that is appropriate to the time and place you write about.

Past winners of the competition include: A Place of Timeless Harmony by Curt Eriksen (2016) (Coming soon); The Megabucks by Rusty Dolleman (2015)Elevation: 6,040 by Ernest J. Finney (2014)Sourdough by Benjamin Ludwig (2013).



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